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The Bucket Boys (left to right) Ben Harkey , Sam Heydt and Daniel Spencer performed at school assemblies, variety shows and many events throughout the Northbrook community, each time with a different act offering viewers a new, unique performance. 22nd Century Media file photo.
The Bucket Boys, comprised of Daniel Spencer (left), Sam Heydt (center) and Ben Harkey, perform earlier this summer at the St. Norbert Block Party. Throughout their high school careers, the drummers performed at pep assemblies, variety shows and other events in the Northbrook community. Rhonda Holcomb/22nd Century Media.
Martin Carlino, Editor
5:19 pm CDT July 23, 2018
Experimenting with everyday household items, such as trash cans, buckets and storage bins, Ben Harkey, Daniel Spencer and Sam Heydt reinvented their classic percussion sound in a way their fourth grade selves could have never imagined.