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The restaurant’s O’Cinnamon Rolls ($11.99) are eight sushi-styled rolls, filled with cinnamon frosting, caramel sauce and banana, and topped with strawberries. Photos by Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media
Jake’s Classic crepe ($10.99) is filled with ham, cheddar, green onions, roasted salsa and mushroom sauce. For an additional two dollars, it can be ordered loaded with the addition of greens and mushrooms.
The Lox and Loaded crepe ($14.99) is served sushi-style, and is made with a buckwheat crepe, filled with smoked salmon, herb cream cheese, raw onions, capers and pico de gallo.
The restaurant makes its own vegan batter, and makes crepes to order to accomodate customers.
Featured on the restaurant’s savory menu, the Veggie Pesto Scramble ($11.99) is made with a thin, crepe-like scrambled egg and filled with sauteed mushrooms, petite micro greens and mozzarella, with pesto drizzled over the top.
Megan Bernard, Contributing Editor
3:10 am CST February 14, 2020
Ryan and Kathia Jones have come a long way since making crepes on a pancake griddle on their front porch.