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From The Village
Opinions vary on downtown form-based code
Village Board: Trustees support proposal for new assisted living facility
Plan Commission: Proposed zoning code delineates downtown vision
Village Board: Crossfit affiliate likely expanding to Northbrook
News from your Neighbors: Board approves rezoning for new preschool, kindergarten
From the Village: Staff discuss Premise Alerts System
Update: Shermer Road Bike Path moves into Phase 1 engineering
Northbrook Village Board: Alcohol, reclining seats proposed for AMC at NB Court
Village Board: Downsized Jacobs Townhomes get preliminary approval
Village Board: Apartment development 'too bulky' for 1825 Shermer Road
Village budget surplus transfer to ward off future water rate increases
Planning and Zoning Committee: Jacobs Townhomes to be reduced by four units
Anets Woods approved after revisions to density
Psychiatric hospital proposed for Lake Cook Road likely a ‘no’
Village Board: Jacobs Townhomes moves toward approval
Village Board: 1000 Skokie Blvd. development moves forward
From the Village: Water main breaks
Village Board: Noggin Builders planning relocation to larger space
Matthew Farmer named new Village Engineer
Village Board considers rezoning properties on Shermer, Old Willow roads
Village weighs benefits of tax incentives
Village Board: Debate rages over mixed-use development
Plan Commission: HP dog kennel could be moving to Northbrook
Northbrook business requests $2 million tax break