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Selling The Book Bin was the easiest decision Janis Irvine ever made, and the hardest thing she ever did. Irvine officially transferred ownership of her business to store manager Allison Mengarelli on Sept. 22, marking the end of her 43-year career as co-owner.
Chris Pullam
It all started as a prank. Fifteen years ago, a group of Glenbrook South and Glenbrook North students raided the McDonald’s at Glenview’s Plaza del Prado in an attempt to buy every burger the staff could make. Nowadays, the tables have turned.
Martin Carlino
The Northbrook Police department is investigating the death of Matthew Braun, 22, of Lake Villa, who was pronounced dead yesterday by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.
Michal Dwojak
With Valentine’s Day nearly here, we wanted to hear some good old love stories from local residents.
Martin Carlino
It was the last day of summer. For Tural Erel, it marked his last chance to savor freedom before starting senior year at Glenbrook North.
Sarah Haider
To some baseball is science, a game of numbers with very specific values, and for others a sport closer to art characterized by a purity and grace.
Matthew Yan
For a time, downtown Northbrook was known as the place with three ice cream shops: Yogen Fruz, Graeter’s and Baskin Robbins.
Matthew Yan

More than 400 female comedians from across the globe will storm Belmont Street in Chicago for the Third Annual Chicago Women’s Funny Festival this weekend — and a 2007 Glenbrook North graduate has managed to steal a slot as a headlining act.

Northbrook native Mallory Bradford has trained with Chicago’s Improv Olympics and the Second City Conservatory Program, and she currently “plays” with One Group Mind Theatre.

Although she’s only been doing stand-up comedy for the past six months, she didn’t let that stand in her way of getting her hands on the four-day Funny Fest.

Fouad Egbaria
A 30-year-old Northbrook man died this morning after a fatal car accident in the 4300 block of Willow Road in Glenview.
Chris Pullam

Some fondly called Donald Gassmere “the gentle giant.” Others lovingly referred to him simply as “Big D.”
By any name, both through word and deed, the longtime Northbrook resident spent an adult lifetime honoring the two things closest to his heart.
“His first love was his family, and his second was the American Legion,” said Susan Cassmere, Donald’s wife of 46 years.
Donald C. Gassmere died Aug. 17. He was 69.

Dayna Fields