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Dana Fine finds appropriate pressure points on a patient during a session at her new Northbrook practice, Dana Fine Acupuncture. PHOTOS BY DAYNA FIELDS/22ND CENTURY MEDIA
Fouad Egbaria, Assistant Editor
11:10 am CDT May 22, 2014

Two things shaped Dana Fine’s path toward her career in Chinese medicine: her dad and sports.
“My dad is a gastroenterologist, so I’ve always been interested in the health field,” said Fine, an alumna of Northbrook’s Solomon Schechter Day School.
In addition, she had always been drawn to sports, and she began her career as a sports journalist writing for the Women’s Sports Foundation and Nike Women.
“I was dealing a lot with athletes, and a lot of times, I would hear about their ailments, and they would talk to me about their aches and pains,” Fine said.