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The vegan lasagna at 27 Live features eggplant, turnip and more in a red wine sauce.
Pappardelle at 27 Live includes braised short rib for a unique pasta dish.
The chestnut gnocchi is a starter at 27 Live and boasts a brown sugar brandy sauce.
The Baby Wedge salad includes three wedges of iceberg lettuce, ranch dressing and blue chees crumbles.
Joe Coughlin, Managing Editor
11:50 am CDT April 15, 2014

John Tasiopoulos just can’t help himself.
The Wilmette resident’s lack of will power is the foundation for most of his ventures, including his newest, 27 Live in Evanston.
“I’ve always been a dreamer,” Tasiopoulos said. “It drives my wife crazy, but it works for me.”
For a long time, Tasiopoulos was a suit, but the corporate life wore on him.
A handful of years ago, he opened Old Neighborhood Grill, 2902 Central Ave., on Evanston’s north side. A year and a half ago, Tasiopoulos’ impatience got the best of him again — with a little help from a friend.