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Players Grill’s Chato’s Chicken is a 12-spice baked chicken that has grown a following in Highland Park and on the North Shore.
Players’ baby back ribs featured a homemade barbecue sauce and are $21.99 for a full slab.
The BBQ Salmon at Players is grilled and glazed with the house barbecue sauce. It is one of many fresh fish items on the menu.
The garlic chicken sticks are one of a dozen starters at Players Grill.
Players’ Chicken Sante Fe Salad features Cajun chicken, avocado, jack cheese and more.
Joe Coughlin, Managing Editor
5:06 pm CDT August 15, 2014

Chato was a character.

With big tattoos draping his arms and an unruly goatee, Chato had them all laughing in the kitchen of Highland Park’s Players Grill. 

Chato wasn’t the best employee nor was he best chef, but when Players owner Jerry Nudelman needed a name for his crispy 12-spice baked chicken, he decided to immortalize his funny, furry former employee.

“Everything’s got to have a name, right?” Nudelman said. “Chato was a guy working on the salads. ... I’m not sure he ever tried the chicken.”