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Highland Park’s Max’s Deli serves sandwiches packed with mean included corned beef and pastrami. Photos By Megan Maginity/22nd Century Media
The tuna salad platter is $10.95 at Max’s Deli.
A staple item at Max’s is the Matzo Ball soup.
The restaurant serves single-serve pies, such as this pumpkin pie.
April Dahlquist, Contributing Editor
12:50 am CST December 5, 2014

If you walk into Max’s Deli, there are no surprises about what you are going to get: Traditional Jewish fare with warm service. 

The deli as been at 191 Skokie Valley Road in Highland Park for more than 25 years and its third generation owners are sticking to what they know. 

“This is a Jewish deli. And this community gets it,” co-owner Greg Morelli said.