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One of the entrees on Szechwan North’s special Chinese New Year’s menu is the dragon shrimp/governor’s chicken combination plate. Alex Mayster/22nd Century Media
Jiaozi are popular during the Chinease New Year and are available for $5.15 (for six) at New China. Eric DeGrechie/22nd Century Media
Bin Hai’s specialty beef dish includes beef, peas, peppers and onions for $10.95. Matt Yan/22nd Century Media
Staff report
4:55 am CST February 10, 2015

Happy new year!

No, despite feeling like it’s the start of winter, it’s not Jan. 1 — the beginning of the new year that most of us are used to. But there is an upcoming new year worth celebrating: the Chinese New Year.

The new year officially begins on Thursday, Feb. 19, but the changing of the calendar can be celebrated over a much longer time span.

And believe it or not, just like American holidays, many celebrate with food.