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Freshly made fish sandwiches are sold every Friday at Sunset Foods in Northbrook, with an array of toppings, for $4.59. Dayna Fields/22nd Century Media
The Vietnamese banh mi chicken sandwich is a speciality at Artisanal in Wilmette. Megan Maginity/22nd Century Media
Staff report
3:22 pm CDT April 21, 2014

You’re at your desk at work, and your stomach is rumbling.
Deadlines are looming, but your energy level has dropped dangerously low — so low that you’ve signed an email to a client, “Love you, Dad.”
No doubt about it, you need food, fast. So enter the grocery store, with every ingredient you would ever need to keep satisfied. Plus, it’s quick, close and inexpensive. And if you’re on the North Shore, it’s probably homemade.
22CM editors set out to find the best ready-to-eat grocery store grub to meet your stomach’s demands quickly and keep you recharged all afternoon.