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Jason Addy, Contributing Editor; Martin Carlino, Editor
3:37 pm CDT March 12, 2020

School districts in Glenview and Northbrook are canceling all “nonessential” activities until at least April 5, officials announced Thursday, March 12. 

Districts 27, 28, 30, 31, 34 and 225 — members of the Glenview/Northbrook COVID-19 Task Force — all released statements detailing the cancellations of athletic games and practices, field trips, club meetings, assemblies, performances and other social events for at least the next three weeks.  

“The safety and security of our students and staff is always our top priority and remains so during the emerging and rapidly changing situation surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19),” District 30 Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley says in an email communication. “Our Glenview/Northbrook COVID-19 Task Force continues to work together. Out of an abundance of caution, we have collectively made the decision to cancel all non-essential activities through April 5, 2020.” 

Glenbrook High Schools District 225 also announced on Thursday, March 12, that all spring athletic practices and competitions at both Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South have been suspended until Monday, April 6.

"We are hopeful that all of our programs will be able to resume practice and competitions at that time," the statement reads. "All athletic facilities will be shut down and unavailable for student use."

Below is a breakdown of communications sent to The Tower from local school districts. 


Glenbrook High Schools District 225

District 225 has canceled all events and trips through Sunday, April 5, according to its emailed communication. 

These cancellations include all field trips, club meetings, rehearsals, performances and social events. The emails says D225 is awaiting direction regarding IHSA-sanctioned programs. 

The district “will continue to focus on its primary responsibility of providing educational services to its students,” according to the email.

Similar to all other local school districts, D225 is modifying its procedures for visitors.  

“Effective immediately, nonessential visitors will not be allowed to enter our buildings during the school day,” officials say. “This includes alumni who want to make appointments with their former teachers.  

“These decisions are based on the strong recommendations of the Illinois State Board of Education, which recommends that school districts review all nonessential school-related travel and events.” 

D225 officials say they will share more information with the community as it becomes available. 


Northbrook School District 28 

Trips, clubs and multiple events at District 28 are canceled until April 5, according to district officials. 

Cancellations in District 28 include all field trips, club meetings, parent nights, performances and all other school/PTO events. Before-school/afterschool rehearsals for elementary and junior high band, orchestra, and choir are also canceled, the communication says.

District 28 cancellations at the elementary level include home practice club, art club, and any other before- or afterschool club. At Northbrook Junior High, this includes interscholastic sports, clubs and activities. 

The email also says all park district afterschool activities that utilize school facilities are also canceled. The following events are also canceled: 

  • Greenbriar’s Science Night scheduled for March 12

  • Meadowbrook’s Cultural Fair scheduled for March 13

  • Westmoor’s fourth-grade field trip scheduled for March 13

Officials say “KidCare will continue to be offered for elementary school students before and after school, and drop-off and pickup procedures will remain in place.” 

Visitor access is also limited at District 28.    

“Nonessential visitors will be restricted to the school office only and will not be allowed into classrooms or common areas,” the email says. “Volunteers who assist with special lunches at the elementary schools will be allowed, as they are considered essential to school operations.” 

Northbrook School District 27 

District 27 will only hold essential school functions, according to officials. That protocol, just as in other local districts, will stay in effect until at least Sunday, April 5. 

Cancellations include all before and afterschool clubs, athletics, rehearsals, performances, field trips and PTA events. 

Additionally, all contracted facilities usage by outside vendors (exclusive the Adventure Campus) is canceled. Nonessential visitors will not be permitted on D27 grounds, according to its email.

District 27 is also preparing its community for any necessary school closings that may take place. The tentative plans, which are subject to change, are below. 

Editor’s Note: The following was not edited in any way by The Tower

“In the event that we need to close our buildings for one or two days, we will make up those days in June just as we have in the past for any emergency school closing.

In the event that we are given guidance to close for a more extended period of time, we will deploy an E-learning Plan. Each day of E-learning will be counted as a student instructional day and a work day for our staff. As such, we will not be required to make up the days with emergency days in June.

For the sake of planning your summer schedules, we remind you that the last day of school is currently scheduled for June 2, 2020. In the worst-case scenario, we would only be required to make up five emergency days, making the last day of school not later than June 9, 2020. Any school closure in excess of five days will be waived by the Illinois State Board of Education.”


Northbrook/Glenview School District 30 

District 30 is also canceling all nonessential events and trips through Sunday, April 5. 

Cancellations in District 30 include all before-school band/orchestra/choir, athletic games and practices, field trips, club meetings, assemblies, rehearsals, performances, in-district PTO events/meetings and social events.

“Our goal will be to reschedule events if possible,” Dr. Wegley says in the communication. “Our schools will continue to focus on our primary responsibility of providing educational services to our students. Please note that before and after-school care at the elementary schools will continue.”

Nonessential visitors will not be allowed to enter District 30 facilities. That includes classroom visitors and lunchroom volunteers.

“Essential individual-parent meetings including IEP/504 meetings will continue as scheduled,” Wegley says. “Voting is scheduled in the gyms at Wescott and Willowbrook next Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Community members will be allowed to enter our gyms through exterior doors and they will be isolated from all other interior spaces.”


Glenview School District 34 

Glenview School District 34 has canceled all field trips, club meetings, athletics, rehearsals, performances and social events run by the district, parent-teacher associations and outside organizations, officials said in a statement released Thursday, March 12. 

Wesley Child Care Center will continue to provide before- and afterschool care. The district’s band, orchestra and choir programs are considered essential and will also continue. 

The district has banned “nonessential visitors” from its eight schools and officials “pledge to work around the clock to continue our planning for any future changes.” 

“The safety, health and security of our students and staff — and our entire community — is the top priority,” district officials say in the release. 


West Northfield School District 31

All afterschool clubs and activities at West Northfield School have been canceled until at least April 5, according to a statement from the district. 

School officials also called off field trips, interscholastic sports at Field School, the first-grade musical and the Field Choir Concert — both scheduled for Thursday, March 12 — and the STEM Expo, scheduled for Friday, March 13. 

Adventure Campus at Winkelman School will remain open, and extended-hour care is available, though officials say there will be modifications to the program’s activities. 

The district is working to develop e-learning plans in the event schools must close, the statement reads. Student absences due to fears about the spread of the coronavirus will be excused.