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Martin Carlino, Editor
12:07 pm CDT March 19, 2019

After the taxing stresses of a 16-week long journey from early January to mid-May, most college students eagerly await summer break. 

While students certainly use their time off in a variety of ways, one of the most beneficial ways to utilize the full potential of their summer is through an internship. 

At 22nd Century Media, we’re blessed with the chance to welcome in new interns every year. Each summer our interns showcase their skills on a weekly basis in The Tower. I remember receiving many emails and phone calls from readers last year saying how much they enjoyed the work of our interns. 

Our interns interviewed new business owners, wrote stories about former Northbrook athletes headed to college and learned many tips and tricks. Their stories appeared in every section of the newspaper, as well as the paper’s covers. And their bylines will appear online whenever potential employers search their writing history. 

By summer’s end, they were writing multiple stories and taking photos all in less than eight hours a week. 

The internship program here at 22nd Century Media starts in late May or early June, and usually runs through the middle of August. It truly is a great way for young journalists to see what we do up close and take part in the action. 

If you know someone who is interested in working for 22nd Century Media in the summer, don’t hesitate to send over a resume to, or call (847) 272-4565. 

Our staff is looking forward to meeting the next group of great journalists.