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Joe Coughlin, Publisher
3:35 am CDT August 22, 2019

Notice anything different around here? We hope you do.

Not that we want to disrupt your reading experience, but we’ve added a special graphic to our stories in The Northbrook Tower, and I wanted to take a minute to explain it.

Now, there’s no reason to overexplain what the graphic achieves; that’s obvious: It is a counter above an article that tells readers when the story first appeared on our website, 

We have added the graphic, as well as changed our website address, to help show off our reader-first platform (which has actually been in place for a long time).

The best way to serve our readers is to deliver local news accurately and quickly. The latter is impossible with only a weekly newspaper. Fortunately, we have a website that is updated with news as it happens — that’s multiple times a day thanks to Editor Martin Carlino and his staff. 

We are happy you enjoy and are loyal to the print edition of The Tower, and have no fear, it’s not going anywhere. That being said, one of our goals moving forward is to make sure you know that offers a more efficient and convenient way to stay informed about your hometown. 

To read all the daily news at the site, you need to be a digital subscriber. That subscription gets you access not only to constantly updated Northbrook news from anywhere, but also to six other local-news sites, breaking news alerts and exclusive newsletters in your inbox. 

We’ve been delivering nationally recognized coverage of Northbrook to thousands of addresses free of charge for nearly a decade. We are proud and honored to be your hometown newspaper. But news doesn’t adhere to our print deadlines. And it is our responsibility to do what we can to produce and deliver news of Northbrook every way we can. 

So we spend a lot of effort and resources to bring it to you daily at

Being a subscriber online not only allows you to be better informed about your community, but it gives you a chance to support award-winning local journalism.