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Ronin’s Spoon karaage chicken ramen ($12.60) is made with tonkotsu pork broth, boneless chicken thigh, poached egg, nori, narutomaki, lotus root, bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms and scallions. Martin Carlino/22nd Century Media
Pictured is Ronin’s Spoon’s Karaage Tofu dish ($7), a deep-fried tofu offering with pepper salt powder. Martin Carlino/22nd Century Media
Ronin’s Spoon’s nasuagebitashi ($7) dish is an eggplant offering topped with ginger and soy sauce.
The soft-shell crab tempura ($13) comes with soft shell crab and vegetable tempura.
Alyssa Groh, Contributing Editor
1:32 pm CDT June 5, 2018
It’s often said that when one door closes, another opens.