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Lead vocalist Kristi Alsip, of the band Crawford’s Daughter, performs June 9 at the 13th annual St. Norbert Block Party in Northbrook. The annual event is billed as a start to the summer season in Northbrook. Rhonda Holcomb/22nd Century Media.
Bryley Turk, 5, of Northbrook, enjoys a ride on the popular giant bummer cars on June 9 at the St. Norbert Block Party in Northbrook. Photos by Rhonda Holcomb/22nd Century Media
Mason Maher, 5, (left) and his brother Charlie, 4, both of Northbrook, enjoy a treat while soaking in some summer fun.
The Stiglich family, new residents of Northbrook, relax at The Alumni Margarita Bar Lounge.
Theodore Creek, of Championship Martial Arts in Northbrook, offers a demonstration with Mike Glowack.
Neil Milbert, Freelance Reporter
4:40 pm CDT June 11, 2018
St. Norbert Parish proudly proclaims it the North Shore’s best community event of the summer — and the 13th annual St. Norbert Block Party lived up to its billing.