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Contributing Columnists

Judy Hughes, Northbrook Historical Society

Time to celebrate special anniversary for Hope Union
10:52 am CST December 19, 2017 by Judy Hughes, Northbrook Historical Society Opinion, Contributing Columnists
One story about Hope Union Church from the Northbrook Historical Society’s archives states that without plaster on the walls and with a wood stove providing the heat, local residents gathered to worship in their new and unfinished non-denominational church for the first time on a cold Christmas Eve in 1892.

Jessica Steinberg, Contributing Columnist

Student in Scotland: Comparing ourselves to others ruins individuality
3:26 pm CDT April 10, 2017 by Jessica Steinberg, Contributing Columnist Opinion, Contributing Columnists
When the sun begins to rest its head on the horizon, the moon’s glow sings a lullaby to the day.