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From the Editor: It’s OK to challenge what you hear

by Martin Carlino, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Sometimes, when it comes to statements made by elected public officials, there’s more than meets the eye.

At the local level, it’s fair to say most residents have a solid level of trust in the governing bodies and...

From the Editor: An afternoon of memories in the newsroom

by Martin Carlino, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

The Northbrook Historical Society does a wonderful job fulfilling its mission. 

According to its website, that mission is “to discover, collect, preserve and disseminate knowledge that establishes or illustrates the...

Time Lines: Expansion of postal service leaves stamp on Village history

by Dan Kaye, Northbrook Historical Society Opinion, Contributing Columnists

It was 40 years ago — in January 1980 — that a significant change came to the Village’s downtown when the Northbrook Post Office opened its current facility at 2460 Dundee Road.

With Northbrook’s population reaching 30...