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Ceci Lombardo (left) and Elle Mackey show off their costumes at Greenbriar's Halloween parade on Oct. 31. PHOTOS SUBMITTED.
Greenbriar students, left to right, Maddie Junkman, Julia Eichstadt, Quinn O’malley and Lyla Dickson.
Greenbriar students Owen Brown and Erin Clarke showcase their costumes at the school’s annual Halloween parade.
Hickory Point School students prepare to walk around the corner to see parents and friends during the annual parade. Pictured (front left to right) are Daniel Chin, Ilya Modl, Veer Desai and Ileana Cozuc.
Clara Daly, Kayla Lee, Ellie Seo, and Ben Mayer stand with Shabonee Assistant Principal Megan Buchanan and Principal John Panozzo. Every Halloween, students vote on what costume the principals should wear. This year, the administrators were dressed as characters from the Harry Potter books.
Willowbrook student Ben Radford.
Sarah Anetsberger, Alison Porta, Will Baker, Jocelyn Kooistra and Amanda Altangerel.
District 28 orchestra directors dressed as mimes and performed for students and staff at NBJH as they entered the building to start the day.
District Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley, dressed as a baker, takes a photo of Wescott School first grade teacher Sharon Latek and Cora Brooks during the Halloween parade
Wescott students (left to right) Allie Shore, Maya Zhuk and Ariella Gotkis dressed in their costumes.
Staff report
5:19 pm CDT November 2, 2018
Local Northbrook students went all out to celebrate Halloween this year.