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Northbrook Bluehawks player Ian Federman gets his No. 46 shaved into his hair Wednesday, Jan. 15, at Andreas Hogue Salon, in Northbrook. Photos by Scott Margolin/22nd Century Media.
Northbrook Bluehawks player Jack Loiacano gets his No. 28 cut into his hair by owner/stylist Andreas Hogue on Wednesday, Jan. 15, in Northbrook.
Bluehawks player Zack Schwarcz smiles as stylist Jeff Ocampo puts on the finishing touches to his No. 6.
Todd Marver, Freelance Reporter
4:45 am CST January 17, 2020
Northbrook Bluehawks hockey players contributed to the cause of helping out with a destructive situation abroad in an entertaining way at the Andreas Hogue Salon in Northbrook.