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Members of the Glenbrook North football team (from left) Will Gary, Will Erens, Zack Mendo, Ryan Henschel and Dylan Buckner pose while helping setup for the Northbrook Days at Northbrook Court on July 31. Photo courtesy Matt Purdy
Spartans (from left) Miles Thompson, Drayton Charleton-Perrin, Eddie Kline, Andrew Koulgeorge, Matt Reisman, Nate Weissle, Max Morris, Dylan Weiss and Joe Mitter take a break from helping.
Charlie Schult (left), Connor Muhugh and Peter Kulesza prepare to lift.
Koulgeorge, Quimm Sybert and Aidan Casey pose in between helping.
Buckner, Erens, Owen Cassell, Smith, JR Flood and Charlie Chemers.
Staff report
2:32 pm CDT July 31, 2019
Members of the Glenbrook North football team took some time away from the football field to help organizers of the annual Northbrook Days set up.